• Solo Exhibiton- Transcendence, May '23

    The exhibition extended an invitation to attendees to speculate on futuristic architecturesthat accommodate our everyday practices, presenting alternative futures that evoked a sense of homeliness. The event hosted and curated by the re:arc institute.
  • WePresent article- Noori and his Dorpa Band

    In-article images for a WePresent article on Noori and his Dorpa Band- Sudanese band Noori & His Dorpa Band meld elements of soul, jazz, blues, country, and surf rock sounds with rhythms traditional to the Beja—one of the country’s most ancient and marginalized ethnic groups.

    Panel Discussion: Dive into engaging conversation about the state of design in London, hosted by Pink Essay's creative director David Eardley and featuring panelists Holly Rollins of ROLSTUDIO, Armand Dasilva of Time & Space, and London design and architecture tastemakers Rayan Elnayal and Jobe Burns.
  • AWAKE x Somerset House Studios

    Invitation to join a panel that was part of a one-day programme of workshops, discussions and performances bringing
    new perspectives on the social, political and cultural impacts of
    technology. AWAKE x Somerset hpuse Studios.
  • SOFTER weekend programme.

    'Future Aesthetics' panel by SOFTER at the Bunker 10, Copenhagen.
  • CNN interview

    Inside Africa
  • Of Faces, Tales and Lands.

    Group exhbition at the Muse gallery in Khartoum, Sudan.
  • Endless Connection: A Conversation on the Work of Kamala Ibrahim Ishag. By the Serpentine Gallery.

    Writer-filmmaker Atheel Elmalik and artist-designer Rayan Elnayal share responses to the work and world of Kamala Ibrahim Ishag.
  • 'Whats in West' by ALOOKINTO

    'Whats in West' artist feature by Alookinto.
  • 'Fictional Spaces with Rayan Elnayal' YUNG

    Rayan Elnayal (Instagram) is a Sudanese-British designer who creates fictional spaces to image a future Sudan and to tackle a colonial legacy.
  • Kalila Wa Dimna Exhibit- P21 Gallery

    Kalila wa Dimna: Ancient Tales for Troubled Times, art exhibition and public programme, is a collaboration between academic researchers, artists, curators, and community organisations. The project is inspired by the global journeys of an ancient collection of moral fables across time and place, language, religion and culture.

  • Solo Exhbition- Richmix. March '20.

    Solo exhbition,curated by Ghazaleh (Zalia) Zogheib. Hosted by Richmix Shoreditch.
  • Solo Exhbition- P21 Gallery, Sept '19

    Solo Exhbition, curated by Mishelle Brito. Hosted by P21 Gallery.
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